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A Good Irish Breakfast is Hard to Find

Way back on May 2nd, the Mister and I were in Philly for a brief 24 hours, celebrating the wedding our some buddies of ours. Fresh off the red-eye and starving, we cried at the thought of wasting our only real meal in Philly on hotel breakfast; so with the company of our buddy G, we ventured out into the Old City neighborhood of Philadelphia, just a few blocks from our hotel in Society Hill.

We passed by a Filipino restaurant, that looked super bougie… or at least, was once super bougie. Of course it was closed due to fire code violations. Dang! There were a couple of other places advertising brunch, but nothing that looked remotely interesting or any better than our free hotel breakfast, until we landed in front of the Plough & The Stars.

Things going for it:
1. Irish pub with a name referencing the IRA (the Mister is a bit of a history buff on the Troubles)
2. Good pricing for the food
3. Alcohol, lots of it.

I’ll have to say we weren’t disappointed. Really, it wasn’t the most amazing Irish breakfast I’ve ever had, but it was pretty damn solid. A few pictures to whet your appetite:

basket o' breads

basket o' breads

non-Irish but delicious tapas plate ($8, maybe)

non-Irish but delicious tapas plate ($8, maybe)

shepard's pie ($10)

shepherd's pie ($10)

Irish breakfast ($12)

Irish breakfast ($12)

Add to that a few (excellent) Irish coffees for the boys, a “Bayou Bloody Mary” for me (one of several Blood Mary options on their extensive cocktail and whisky lists), and we were set. I will say that the Mister was disappointed in the portion size of his Irish breakfast, especially of the puddings, and I have to agree. For two bucks less, I felt like I got a lot more from my shepherd’s pie– it was far too large for me to finish, and I have a bigger appetite (and waistline, sigh) than the Mister. That shepherd’s pie was good, I tell you. That whipped potato on top was pure carbo-liciousness.

I hear the Plough gets really crowded at night when it becomes a full-fledged bar; I believe it, just based on the slightly dank smell that all bars have in the AM. The interior of the Plough is pretty damn cool as well– it’s in an old theater space, with an upstairs alcove looking over the rest of the main bar area. This isn’t the best picture, but here’s the view from our table on the bottom floor:


Overall, I was pretty pleased with our brunch here– it certainly did the trick of tiding us over until the wedding reception that night!

Plough & the Stars
123 Chestnut St
Philadelphia, PA 19106

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