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Sometimes mistakes happen

Pop Quiz!

In the kitchen you see:
6 underripe bananas
1 black/ripe plantain

Which would you use to cook maduros?

Sometimes my husband makes mistakes. But God bless him for trying to make my crabby self happy! It did give me a nice laugh, that’s for sure 😉


Midnight Popovers


How lucky am I? I’m hitched to a guy that will, on a whim, decide to try out our new KitchenAid mixer (the one I begged for and still haven’t learned how to use) and make popovers from our ancient copy of The Joy of Cooking. Did I mention how this happened at midnight? Yeah.

Midnight popovers are best enjoyed topped with shaved asiago or parmigiano-reggiano cheese, and filled with sweet or savory jelly and butter. They should be eaten in one sitting, for maximum absorption of the deliciousness.


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