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favorite appetizer recipes?

Dear blogosphere-

I’m hosting a small birthday get-together at my house this Saturday. Being a poor grad student, I can’t go too crazy with the food, but I still would like to provide some nice snacks for our guests (plus, I need an excuse to cook! I miss it.)

Last year’s birthday was my tapas blow-out. While it was delicious, there’s no way I can put in that much time, money, and effort again this year. So, I’m asking you: do you have any favorite recipes small plates/ hors d’oeuvres you’d care to share? Caveats: it shouldn’t have ingredients that are too difficult to source or crazy expensive; it should be fairly quick to make with no majorly complicated steps (no making meringues or anything!).

Help! If all else fails, I’m busting out my new Lee Brothers cookbook and going crazy with that.

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