what is your favorite filipino food?

Ooh, this is a tricky one!
Let’s see, I love making chicken adobo and kaldereta, probably because I know I can make them well. But I love eating kare-kare, pork sisig, sinkamas, Brazo de Mercedes, and grilled pusit– I just don’t have the time or materials to commit to making these! But I think the absolute, number one best Filipino food I’ve ever eaten is my Lolo’s Ilokano cooking– my grandfather is a great cook, and I love his pinakbet, chicken tinola, or really anything else he makes! Wow, I could keep going, I love Filipino food so much, and am always trying to improve my cooking. Just made a big batch of pork lumpia for my birthday part last night, and it was a hit, though I know I need to tweak the recipe now!

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  1. Yum…the jambalaya does look gorgeous! Never attempted to make it and the 10-hr prep explains why.
    If you say it’s great though, might try it out one of these days 🙂

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