weekend in San Francisco

As a birthday present for the hubs, the two of us made a quick jaunt up to the Bay Area this past MLK weekend. Good eats and drinks with great company followed, with lots of fantastic pictures courtesy of the new (to me) Leica D-Lux 3 I purchased from Pim of Chez Pim fame! Highlights included:

Eggs benedict and a sweet risotto from a lovely Saturday brunch at Slow Club:

* Crazy good chilaquiles from the Primavera Tamales stand at the Saturday Ferry Market (if only I had enough room to enjoy the panuchos and tamales too!):

Proper xlb (aka xiao long bao or “Shanghai soup dumplings”) at Shanghai Dumpling King in Outer Richmond. It was better than the xlb I had in Hong Kong this past summer!

“Imperial rolls” at Out the Door in the Westfield San Francisco Centre Food Emporium. Yes, I know it’s a mini-chain, in a food court no less, but this was tasty! FYI, this is how food courts in the bougie malls in Manila look like to a T.

The “EAT” sign at Taylor’s Automatic Refresher was the highlight of the meal here, a quick snack we picked up before heading to the airport. Though my patty melt (on fresh, dark rye) wasn’t bad either.

But the highlight of this past trip… finally getting some of that famous Bi-Rite Creamery ice cream. Holy mother. Here’s me enjoying two scoops, of Earl Grey and peanut:

A priority on this trip was to choose eateries that featured ingredients which were local, sustainable, and organic. It was a bit challenging, especially when looking for “authentic” Asian food, a point I want to write more about soon. In general, being more conscious of the provenance of our foods, while still sticking to a budget, is one of my main goals/resolutions this year. If only my wallet (and my waistline) could handle eating like this every weekend!

* photo taken with my old camera, a Panasonic Lumix


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