Things I’ve put in my mouth recently (sorry for the laundry list, it’s been a long couple of weeks ’round here):

(ice cream from the UW Babcock Dairy, eaten on the lovely waterfront Memorial Union Terrace)

(My labor of love: home-made kaldereta for a class ‘piyesta’/fiesta. Best thing at the spread, don’t meant to boast but my meat brought all the boys to the yard.)

(Amuse-bouche at Harvest. Bougiest dinner I will have had in Madison by the time I go. Worth it.)

(Table of shame: $1 mixed drinks at the Nitty Gritty. I don’t care if it’s “the birthday place,” you’re never catching me dead in there again.)

(The Wisconsin Benedict at the Old Fashioned. That would be a brat patty under the egg.)

(Lingering suspicions and pre-existing bias confirmed: not pizza @ Gino’s East, Chicago)

(neon green relish. a tubular meat’s under there, i think. @ Underdogg, Chicago)

(Most amazing mojitos at Blue Line Lounge in Wicker Park, Chicago. The coconut mojito and the Social- topped with champagne- are incroyable.)

Chicago’s Chinatown eats deserves its own post. Consider it added to the list of shit I haven’t blogged about yet…


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  1. That kaldaretas looks incredible. I love beef stew. I love liver in some incarnations. Sounds yum.

  2. Words and Steel

    this kaldereta had liver spread as the secret ingredient. without it, it just doesn’t have the real kaldereta taste!

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