NY Food Binge 2009

… And yes, that really is the title of a new desktop folder, now containing dozens of pictures of nothing but the food I ate over the past five days in New York.* Ostensibly, me and the Mister were there for our good friends’ wedding, but when we weren’t wedding-ed up we were eating. Lots. Both old favorites (and I mean old… childhood faves included!) and new surprises. Heck, we even ate incredibly well at the wedding and rehearsal dinner, too! The only disappointment I had was that we didn’t get to eat at Momofuko Ssam or Ko (my ‘new to try’ places this trip) but overall, this was one successful visit back home. Spent time with great friends, gained a few pounds. Yep, good times.

Some teasers for upcoming posts:




Stay tuned!

* A brief clarification: You may want to call it “NYC” or Manhattan or “The Big Apple” or something else ridiculous, but I don’t go there. It’s either New York, NY, or simply ‘the city’ to me. Most often I use it to mean Manhattan, though in the general sense it stands for all of the NY Metro area. Just to be clear, though, when I mean Brooklyn or another borough, I’ll say it directly. Get it? Good.


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