Midnight Popovers


How lucky am I? I’m hitched to a guy that will, on a whim, decide to try out our new KitchenAid mixer (the one I begged for and still haven’t learned how to use) and make popovers from our ancient copy of The Joy of Cooking. Did I mention how this happened at midnight? Yeah.

Midnight popovers are best enjoyed topped with shaved asiago or parmigiano-reggiano cheese, and filled with sweet or savory jelly and butter. They should be eaten in one sitting, for maximum absorption of the deliciousness.



Posted on February 18, 2009, in adventures in home cooking and tagged . Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. dude those look so effing good!!!!

  2. yes, you are a lucky one! midnight popovers… what a wonderful idea.

  3. 1. i finally found your blog! i was desparately looking through my old emails for your announcement! yayy!
    2. leaving the comment here because i get a little excited everytime i hear about someone else’s Kitchen Aid Mixer! McKay got me one last year and I have been making all kinds of things with it except the thing I originally wanted it for – bread!
    3. Those popovers look delicious! Bring me a recipe and I’ll show you how to use your mixer!
    4. When are you guys going to come up to LA? Need a place to stay? We live in my parents old house and have plenty of room – come visit and let’s go get some EATS! ‘Wish you lived closer – I need more foodie buddies nearby.
    5. is this the longest comment ever? should i have just sent you an email?

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