Monday Worries: what will Bourdain say?

Filipino table

Bourdain’s No Reservations episode on the Philippines is premiering tonight, and I must say I’m pretty nervous. I’ve read a little bit about the taping from Market Manila and from Bourdain’s food blog on the travel channel. But all I can think of is the one line they keep playing in the trailer for tonight’s episode, where Bourdain asks why the food of the Philippines is “such a blank page.”

A blank page to whom, Tony? To US-based chefs and consumers who haven’t ‘discovered’ the Philippines yet? While I’ve been championing Filipino food for years, I’m not sure I want it to be ‘discovered’ on No Reservations just yet… I guess it’s better it be Bourdain’s show and not that horrifying “World’s Weirdest Food” show or whatever it’s called. Maybe Bourdain’s fetish for Southeast Asian cuisine will carry over to the Philippines. But still, I can’t help but feel irritated that it’s 1) taken him this long to visit when’s he been to (what I think are) some really random countries, and 2) that apparently he’s never had Filipino food before. He’s from New York! All it takes is a quick subway ride to Jackson Heights, or downtown to Elvie’s in the East Village, to get a taste of good Filpino food. No excuses, dude!

But I get ahead of myself. I’m saving judgment until after the episode airs tonight and will blog my thoughts on it ASAP. Maybe I’ll even live blog it…. hrm.

Before I go, I must thank my dear buddy A., whose parents were in town this weekend and cooked up this scrumptious feast of fresh prawns and crabs, green mango, and (not pictured) the most amazing sinigang I’ve had in years. It brought me right back to my Lolo’s kitchen, and I’m so envious of friends who can have Filipino food home-cooked on the daily here in SoCal. Sigh. East coast familia, come west please, ok? I’m hungry for homemade Pinoy eats!


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