The Mother of All Pancakes

ricotta pancakes

I love a good pancake, but I usually save my pancake-eating for weekend brunches out; I’ve just never felt compelled enough by the pancake to bother cooking them at home (we’re more of an eggs-and-meat kind of household on weekend mornings). So imagine my surprise when I woke up yesterday with a fierce urge for pancakes, and not just any pancakes: I wanted the perfectly fluffy, light yet rich ricotta pancake. I had to have it, and dammit, I wasn’t going to dress up to wait in line at an overpriced brunch spot to get it.

Evidence of our non-professionally foodie kitchen: we had no ricotta in the house. Not to mention, no baking soda either. Horrors! A quick trip to Henry’s and about twenty minutes after returning, I made these beauties. I know they’re not as aesthetically perfect, but it was my first time, so don’t kill me. I haven’t reached those heights of food blogging just yet, m’kay?

A trusty recipe from Mark Bittman in hand, I made about nine standard-size pancakes, and one of these, which I called all morning (much to E’s chagrin) “The Mother of All Pancakes”:

mother of all pancakes

Is any other name more fitting? You can see how Mother has simply draped herself over the rest of the spread-out pancake stack and taken over the plate. Clearly, I had to eat her alone, she was that formidable.

So, if your stack was Mother-less, let’s just say you’d get a dozen pancakes. A very nice breakfast- I liked these pancakes with a bit of orange marmalade and some maple syrup. Our sausage of choice this meal was Brooks Farm’s “Portuguese Brand” sausage (I’m assuming their version of chorice- very nicely spiced but a bit greasy, a good complement to the slight acidity and sweetness of the pancakes). Sausage and the Mother of All Pancakes: what more do you want out of a weekend brunch at home?


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