Welcome to Words and Nosh!

Hello, friends!

So you’ve stumbled on my latest endeavor- a little food blog to add to the hundreds proliferating on the interwebs. With all the other options you have for reading up on new recipes, restaurant reviews, and general food love, what makes Words and Nosh stand apart from the pack? I’m not quite sure yet, but only know that I can’t wait to share my obsessive foodie ramblings with the rest of you!

A little about me, if that will help you decide to stick around a bit longer: I’m not a professional chef or food writer by any stretch of the imagination. My knowledge of food, wine, and spirits is the result of lots of travel, self-education, and a ravenous appetite… for knowledge and for cuisine. My days are usually spent hitting the books– I’m a graduate student and teach, research, and write about pop culture, sexuality, race, and power (at least those are the catch phrases I use to describe my work these days). When I’ve got the time and money, I travel, and visit new restaurants and bars at home and abroad. When I have slightly less time or money, I try cooking at home– my partner has often borne the brunt of my latest food experiments and obsessions (but I think he doesn’t mind it too much). It’s not always easy, but I’d like to think I have it pretty good these days– at least that’s what I tell myself when a stack of ungraded papers sits before me, the coffee has run out, and finishing at 3AM seems like a pipe dream.

Right now we live with our two cats in a little house in San Diego, California– but I’m still a New Yorker in spirit. We just got married in New Orleans, so there will definitely be some writing about the food there. I’ll probably also be musing about past and future travels to the Philippines, Brooklyn, Europe, South Africa, Palm Springs (CA) and… who knows? You’ll have to just read along and find out.

But enough about me. You’re here to read about the food, right? Let’s get on with it then!



Posted on December 27, 2008, in miscellany. Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. Mmm now I want some siopaos right now… damn. It’s 20 degrees (before wind chill) today in New York. You are sooo lucky to be out west.

  2. Is that photo from Vancouver? (I’m guessing that it is since it says “Vancouver” haha) Where is that place and what is good?

  3. New Town Bakery in Vancouver’s Chinatown! Sooo yummy! It’s on 158 Pender Street.

  4. girl, i got these in Vancouver! Harder to find in San Diego, surprisingly.

  5. Welcome to the food blogging world! I loved your Cochon post, and can’t wait to see more New Orleans restaurants featured on Words and Nosh! 🙂 Congrats too on your recent marriage!

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